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Did you know that custom music on hold could be one of your best marketing tools?

Custom music on hold will play the message or advertising that you want your customers to hear when they are on hold.

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Why does Music On Hold sometimes sound bad on my cell phone?

Cell phones use a “coding” process to cut the amount of information being transmitted to optimize the small weak signal being transmitted. The “coding” process used to transmit cell phone calls is very, very complex and geared specifically to reproducing just human speech. Very low level music signals get ignored because it’s too low and gets considered as background noise. High level music signals will become extremely distorted just because it’s too high in level.

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What is VoIP and do I really need it?

This describes a technology where voice travels over a broadband internet connection rather than a traditional line. Common VoIP is utilized in a variety of ways: to connect phones in an internal system, to seamlessly connect phones in multiple physical locations, to connect two phone systems, and to carry calls

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Should I lease or buy my phone equipment?

Leasing can be reasonable, cost-efficient alternative to purchasing equipment, if researched, executed and implemented properly. If mismanaged, leasing can be more expensive and frustrating that out right purchasing.

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What Is SIP and Why Would I Want It?

Phone Service via the Internet with products that offer savings of up to 70% over the cost of traditional phone lines and with more valuable options.

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What are my options at the end of my lease?

Often times the interests of the leasing company can run counter to the interests of your organization. No matter what end of lease route is best for your business, Electromedia can help you save money.

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